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Hey guys!

I’ve been MIA because I have been working on my new blog. It is up and running minus a few things on the backend but I am still posting consistently. Head over to .

Subscribing and whatnot is still under works but the blog is cool and some good posts have been up from the last couple of weeks.

Hope to see you on the flip side!



New Blog Coming Soon

Hey all! I just wanted to keep you updated that I have a new blog coming soon with a new address. I will direct you there once it is completed hopefully in the next few days. Stay tuned because I am going to be offering discounted services and have a big sale on my Etsy products!! Exciting things over here🙂


Client Photos

Hello lovelies! So I am really excited because today I finally got some “after” shots of a project I did about 8 months ago. A friend of mine was moving into a new space. He went from a multi bedroom house to a studio. Normally you would think, no biggie, but this man used to own and sell antiques so he has the most epic treasures lying around that he could probably fill an enormous house with. I was so excited when he called me up to ask for my advice. In moving into a smaller space he found it really hard to create a cohesive environment. Design and aesthetic is not an issue for this guy but he needed general help with layout and flow. Cue in Ariela, the Interior Designer friend who focuses on Feng Shui. It was a super fun project because A- He is a friend of mine B- it only took a few hours to set the layout and then he and I got to play with all his treasures C- I was able to collaborate with a guy who has really great taste and D- he gave me the ladder to the loft and I created this which now hangs out in my bedroom and I absolutely adore.

So here are a few before shots from my iPhone:

So these are the super bare bones pictures. All he had in there were select few pieces so that I could get the layout going and then we would start playing with accessories.

Why was this space a challenge?

1- It was a lot smaller than the house he came from therefore leaving us with a lot of furniture and not so much space for it

2- Loft beds are tricky. They do help by giving more floor space but I definitely had to play around a lot before I settle on the final layout

3- Trying to figure out how I was going to incorporate a living room/sitting room and a bedroom with not your generic pieces of furniture was a bit tricky (In the end, this is what made the layout work so well)

So let’s see how it turned out:

I decided the seating area would be included under the loft bed. There is an L-shape now with 2 portions of a sofa (thank god for non-generic furniture) with a table in the corner to make use of the otherwise dead space.

Here’s a nice shot of his vintage pillows and sofa.

Looking from the closet out. You can see that the living space now creates a more intimate seating area for guests but be careful because a few martinis in and you might need to watch your head if you decide to sit under the loft😉

Congratulations on your retirement… why thank you.

Even his hangers are fancy.

Some cute kitchen shots.

Best place to air out dem socks.

He made that wooden bathtub ledge. What a thinker, no? Best place to hold you soaps and porcelain sailor man.

So there you have it. It has been 8 months since I was last there helping him with his layout so he had a lot of time to make it his own but I am so grateful that I can finally snap some “after” photos of even the smaller projects I get to do.

Have an awesome weekend folks!!

Kitchen Nooks

So it’s a really weird quirk that I have, but I don’t really like chairs. Let me explain. I like chairs but I only like super comfy large chairs. Someone described me yesterday as a cat. Ready to cozy up any chance I get. I think that’s why I don’t like chairs. As I sit in a standard chair right now, I also realize that I would get nothing done if I were in a lazy boy. Such is life.

Why do I love kitchen nooks? Well for the first obvious reason, it eliminates most chair situations. Secondly, it is just a cozy way to create another sweet zone in your space. I would rather have someone hanging out in my comfy ol’ kitchen nook while I cook then be super uncomfortable sitting in an upright chair. Why do I hate chairs so much. I think it has to do with yoga too. I would rather be in a lotus position sitting on the floor. Ok, enough about me. Let me show you some awesome kitchen nooks:

Flea Market Trixie  shares with us a beautiful, cozy, shabby chic inspired kitchen with an incredible nook. First off, let’s say hallelujah to the refurbished furniture and I’m not sure what’s happening with the floor but I’m not complaining. I love how the built ins around the window frame the seating area.

Ok, this one is a little out of control but I am probably the most in love with it. Those pillows couldn’t be more worn in.

Here’s another kitchen remodel. I can tell most of the furniture here is from Ikea but they put it together so well. I have too used Ikea bookcases and flipped them on its side to be a seating area. I have never attempted putting more then 2 people on mine, so I’m not sure how much I want to endorse this for everyday sitting. I also love the way the light fixture reflects off little daisies, although I am sure in the middle of the night while getting a glass of water I might think there were spiders all over my walls. Wow, I’m getting real with you guys today.

Another beautiful shabby chic kitchen nook. I’m down with those stools. For some reason, I like stools better than chairs. I haven’t figured out why yet.

Just another kitchen nook. Similar to the one above. Shabby chic, cottage looking, light, airy, fresh. Love it.

Hello sunshine! This is probably the perfect kitchen nook for those that need a little more caffeine in the morning. That yellow will scream, “GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE!”  before you even get a chance to pour your first cup of joe. I love it. It is also a bit retro with the matching cushions on the chairs and bench.

And finally, the kitchen nook that inspired this whole post from Poppytalk. Loving the materials, the colors, the raw accents. Check out that iron table base.

Enjoy this Wednesday!

Wood Plank Ceilings

Lovebugs! I am so sorry that I have been away for more than a week. Here’s my explanation. It was my birthday, family was in town and then I was in a wedding.

This is a little snip it of the wedding reception.

My friend is an avid DIYer. These were used in the makeshift photo booth. Hold one and take one of the disposable cameras and viola, photo booth!

Alright, so that’s where I’ve been. Completely MIA but I’m back and I’m really excited because I have hired someone to fix up my blog a bit so hopefully in the next week or so you will be seeing some cool changes on here.

So let’s get to it, shall we?!

Wood Plank Ceilings:

The funny thing is that I dreamt about wood plank ceilings last night. Yup, I did.

This is a really sweet kids bedroom with recycled palette wood planks on the ceiling. It just gives the room an extra sweet rustic touch.

These are some reclaimed wood panels.

This is gorgeous. What I love about these ceilings is that you can see how much of an impact they have on the rooms. If you just scroll down on the computer and cut off the ceiling you can see how different the room feels. It just seems like a crisp clean room but adding that architectural element on the ceiling, makes the room seem more loved, more rustic and warmer.

This is a laundry room. I want to live in this laundry room. If the laundry room looks like this, how does the rest of the house look?

This sweet cottage style home gets an even sweeter touch with a small portion of the ceiling covered in reclaimed wood. That’s another thing to think about. If you don’t want to cover a whole ceiling you can create zones with the wood. This one works so well because there is what looks like a structural beam that separates the ceiling already.

I believe this is salvaged beadboard. I love it because it has so many different colors and works so well in giving this room a funkier more artistic feel.

What?! Isn’t this amazing! Herringbone pattern with salvaged raw wood in a recessed portion of the ceiling. My heart can’t take it anymore!

But I will warn you folks to be quite meticulous with your cuts and application or it might end up like this ^

How cool is that for a conference room?!

Well I’m so happy to be back. Thanks for your patience!

Have a Happy Monday!

Toms Shoe Design

I’m pretty sure we have all seen Toms around town. They are the weird looking shoes that have no shoe laces and every cyclist in America owns? They are super comfy and really easy, which is why I own a pair😉 … A few years back, I was getting ready to head to Wanderlust (a yoga music festival in Squaw Valley) and decided to doodle peace signs and random splotches on my shoes with paint. Then the following year as Burning Man approached, I really did my shoes in and added some bold turquoise stripes. The funny thing is that lately people have been asking me where I bought them, thinking that I bought them already designed like that. Nope, I got them bare and truthfully I didn’t put much thought into the “design”, I just wanted color.

I ask you kindly to not judge me:

This was 2 years after a lot of wear and obvious tear. The funny thing is that I didn’t realize that people were actually designing Toms professionally.

So then it got me thinking: “what do these designed Toms look like?”

Check out some cool Toms designs:

I love love love the lotus flower and I also love the idea of starting a design on one shoe and creating movement unto the other shoe.

The top pair is actually a Tom’s designed by Lenny Kravitz, who is not only a gorgeous man but also has amazing taste. The second pair is funky. It has the wood grain and stays whimsical and corky with the random man on the right shoe with antlers.

I absolutely love the red pair. I am a big fan or silhouette art and the anchor below it has a very cool classical tattoo artist feel.

These are cool. I love how the pair on the bottom half look like henna art.

Cute pairs of shoes for summer and spring. Cherry blossoms and poppies. Sweet and colorful.

What I love about both pairs are that they have the sketchy look. You can easily see the lines and it keep the shoe feeling very artistic and handworked.

I am super bummed that I didn’t save all the sources of these images. Some are straight from the Toms website and the others vary from Etsy and google images. I was doing some quick research for a project I have going on that entails designing some Toms but I have to keep it hush for a little while longer.

Stay tuned!

Casual Elements to Design

I don’t know if you can tell by now, but I’m a casual gal. I love elements of modern and industrial design but there always needs to be a casual factor in there to make the space feel homey and comfortable. The house I grew up in was exactly that. Everyone felt at home when they came over and it has carried over through my life when designing spaces.

Let’s pinpoint some spaces that have that casual element:

Even though this space has a vintage, rustic feel, what is it that makes it feel so casual? For me, the clustered frames on the wall and the immense amount of pillows on the bench make this space feel cozy.

Yellow can be a very bright pop of color that can add a lot of energy. The baskets under the console and the shoes and skateboard by the door invite you right in.

I absolutely adore this space. The color on the walls is a perfect warm shade of grey. The linen on the sofa is elegant yet cozy. The stool is rustic and worn and the collection of pictures and art on the wall make this space inviting, warm and fresh.

This kitchen is beyond adorable. The homegrown apples on the wooden counter, the exposed jars of spices and herbs on the shelves, the plates piled up on the kitchen island… It all just makes you want to have a group of people join in on cooking a big meal, family style.

This one is definitely a little more modern but I wanted to show you that casual elements can be brought into any space. The fact that the sofa is so low to the ground makes the living room a lot cozier and the color palate is soothing and beachy.

Can you guess what makes this space a little more casual? The collections. Check out the collections of starfish on the table, the books clustered on the ladder and shelf and the collection of beachy finds in the glass jars.

This one was simple. Post cards in no particular order on the wall.

Sigh… and this beauty. If I were to have a handful of girlfriends come over to drink wine and dine em, it might look like this. Outdoors, on pillows, surrounded by organic fabrics swaying through the breeze.

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