Bedroom Romance

Regardless of Valentine’s day, if love is something that you are looking for or if you’re trying to nurture a a current relationship then you might like this post. Bedrooms are quite important for our love lives.

A few key DONT’s:

  • Don’t have your bed smashed up against a corner.
  • Don’t have a twin sized bed unless you and your mate/potential mate plan to be extremely tiny.
  • Don’t have electronics all over your room (i.e. massive TV facing the bed, alarm clock right by your head, laptop on your nightstand, cell by your pillow, etc)
  • Don’t be a clutter monster… you know who I’m talking about. It’s time to clean up.
  • Don’t have your office in your bedroom.
  • Don’t have pictures of old lovers or things that remind you of them around the room.

A few key DO’s:

  • Do place your bed so it is easy to get in on both sides.
  • Do have 2 nightstands.
  • Do have a very comfy mattress. Trust me on this one! I recently got a temperpedic pad and my life has changed.
  • Do have nice lighting throughout (i.e. task lights, candles, and lamps around the room)
  • Do create layers. You know those beds that looks like a present that has 20 layers of wrapping paper?! Yum… that’s the idea!
  • Do be wise while choosing colors. Keep them warm. Splashes of bold color are great but generally try and keep bedrooms relaxing.

I love this bedroom. I love the bubble lamps, I love the curves on the headboard and the mix of patterns and colors that all work well together.

Minus the fact that the bed is smashed up against a corner, I love the softness brought in with the fabric overhead. It especially makes a vaulted ceiling a bit more cozy. And can we talk about that dreamcatcher?! I love it?

I have some deep rooted love for chalkboard walls and love letters posted on walls. Yup.

There is a LOT going on here, but it works. Look how the flowers bring so much life and sweetness to the room. I love the character of this bedroom. Like every piece was chosen carefully.

Solid headboard: check. Task lighting: check. Things in pairs: check. Reminder’s of love: chiti-check!

Here’s another tricky one. Feng Shui-wise, some things are a little off. Mainly, the wall of windows behind the headboard. That aside, this bedroom is sweet. I love the duvet colors. It has a bit of a vintage flair along with the vintage suitcase and the headboard is just made for 2 people!!

“We are so good together.” I mean, I don’t need to explain this one.

 I’m a big fan of that yellow headboard. You see, you can use bold colors, just choose where you use them wisely. I wouldn’t suggest that color on the walls.

I love the fabric used as a headboard. This room is very warm and colorful.

Oohh yes, another yellow headboard. Love it. I don’t know about the denim looking pillows but everything else makes me very happy especially the different vintage lamps.

That bed frame is not my ideal choice but there is something so raw and beautiful about this room. To me, this room exudes romance.

Could this bedroom get any sweeter. The window, the book pages, the mini lamp, the chandelier.

You & Me. Props on adding some softness to such a masculine bed frame with the sheer.

Great colors. Great lighting. Simple. I love it. And yes, I’ll take some coffee in bed.

Splashes of berry bring just enough fire in this room and there is definitely space for 2 here.


Cozy McCozington. Muchos layers.

Love the colors or lack of them in this room. This room has a lot of character mixing industrial, cold materials with soft, more feminine fabrics and colors.

Well, those were just a few ideas and inspiration for the bedroom. Let me state this. We are not all blessed to have the perfect bedroom (yet) so we work with what we got. If it is impossible for you to have equal sides on the bed, that is ok. Make the room work for you. If you love your room and feel like it is romantic and perfect for you, who am I or anyone else to tell you what you “need” to do.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. avenues of artistry
    Feb 14, 2012 @ 16:49:31

    love the fabric as the head board and the all white room!


  2. JSD
    Feb 14, 2012 @ 18:45:58

    Great ideas!


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