Open Shelving in Kitchens

It’s a risky thing, that’s for sure but I really do love the idea of open shelving in kitchens. You are able to display anything you want but you do risk looking a bit cluttered. If you are keen on the open shelving, just make sure you are quite the organized person, otherwise you might be regretting your decision to go open. Another good way to ease into it is to have just a couple of open shelves and see how that goes.

Check out some great open shelf kitchens I found:

Hello coffee shop in my home.

Light and airy.

Sunshine glow.


Muted & neutral.


Beachy Blue

Beachy sea foam.


Dark backgrounds make everything in front pop.

 White on white.


These open shelves are such great ideas for kitchens. You can do it in a very inexpensive way as well and I’m always for that😉

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