Wood Palettes

Hey everyone! I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend. The weather here has been so gorgeous. Summer is definitely here. It’s so nice to see the beaches getting some good use and people enjoying their time outside. I’m excited because I have a great project under way. I have been working on a client’s backyard. I will post the progress soon. In the meantime, so many summer DIYs have been inspiring me and I would love to share some with you. Today, I thought I would talk about wood palettes. As you know, I love reusing what we already have and giving something new life. Why not use what is available instead of purchasing everything new.

This is what a wood palette looks like:

Do you like how I have an image of it in the snow?

Well here are some really creative ways to use this wood palette and design something completely new:

A side bench. Just add some white paint and either make or buy a cushion and viola, you’ve got some sweet extra seating.

A modern looking coffee table. Choosing a high-gloss bright paint will modernize anything plus adding some casters will give it an industrial look.

Rusting wall shelving for picture frames. Love this look especially with the clustered photos. Makes it a bit more casual and homey.

Outdoor dining table. Perfect for the summer time!

A child’s bend and I love how they created a frame so the kid is tucked in nicely. Another great use of the casters so you can easily move the bed around and give it a little more height.

I am pretty obsessed with this bookcase. It’s so smile but the old wood makes it look nicely worn.

Rustic coffee table and can’t complain about the reading materialšŸ˜‰

I have so many friends getting married this summer and some of them are on tight budgets. I love this DIY idea for a wedding platform.

Another simple bed frame.

A sweet vertical planter. They are all the rage these days.

I’m pretty excited about this makeshift sofa. Again, casters seem to do the trick with most of these handmade pieces and I’m loving the old door as a backing.

Another beautiful bench. All you need are some legs. These look like simple decorative fence posts that you could easily get at a Home Depot or even a salvage place. Just make sure to match the stain and it ends up looking like it all came from the wood. The palette gives the bench of storage too.

And finally another rustic table but this one has built in planter boxes.

The truth is, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. People are so creative and these are only a few ideas I found online. There are a million more awesome ideas. Create one custom for you and your needs and share it!





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